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I found new photo hosting for myself. Now it`s Now I start to restore the missing pictures step by step. My first  impression about this site - even though the service is reliable, in general it`s not easy to use...For exaple, it`s not possible to upload (and to show) a full-size image.


I have a big problem with my new photohosting - Actually, now I think this site is closed. For how long I dont really know. All my pictures are missed & not availlable.

Now I am looking for anouther site for my photos.
I am so upset - because so many pics need to be change. It s so many hours and hours of my work here.

If someone knows a good, trustfull, free site for upload pict, please let me know via e-mail, twitter.

I started use new photohosting site -, really hope that it will be better, than with so much ads...I guess you, my readers notice it.
But before - I have to upload my old photos which I uploaded with at my previous blog, I plan finished post these old photos and that`s all. So now I mix old photos with new.
Hope I finish upload in 2 months or may be less.
After that I plan to made new site-map.
Have so many plans, not much time.

Also If someone wants to see your fav footballer in my blog or some special photos - let me know via or via my official twitter page.

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Now you can watch the counter - how many photos have my blog.
Today it`s more than 2000!

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twitter - @myfootballspace
gmail - note in the topic - about mistakes or wrong facts.

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