About myself

Hi, I am Velasquez

Football fan. Since 1998 world cup in France.

It`s my second experince in "making football blog-community".

The first was here: http://www.diary.ru/~looking-like-a-cyber-elf/
May be someone visited it before.

But I`m happy to be here at blogspot & make my first international blog...

As for me: shortly
I`m fan of
1. Jose Mourinho. It`s my main & main football love for all
2. Real Madrid
3. Squadra Azzurra
4. hard to say about favourite football player...One time it was Mauro Camoranesi, Andrea Pirlo, Luis Figo...so I can say, I have not favourite now, like in past.

to be continued... may be I remember something else what I`d like to say about myself.

P.S. http://www.diary.ru/~totalfilm - it`s my russian blog, I`m always there, day by day...
For those who can read in russian.

About my avatar - It`s a photo of Gong Li - chinese actress.
Best known of Memories of Geisha movie & Miami vice. She`s so beautiful. it`s pleassure just look at her. 
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